International Youth Team Chess Championship

Who we are?

GO-MAKKAH Tour Operator

GO-MAKKAH, is tour operator based in French and Tunisian. GO-MAKKAH is special in the Middle East and Arab countries destination. GO-MAKKAH named for professionalism, efficiency and perfect services putting for her costumer all over the world, a professional team with a high connectivity throw their official website:

GO-MAKKAH is having a goal since the foundation to be the best in term of services and to raise up big challenges. We came lately in two times to schedule the biggest international chest festival which is a first in Tunisia, in which 300 persons, 200 players from 23 countries and most popular stars attended  with mediation and presence of Prestigious personalities.

-       GO MAKKAH Chess Festival, Sousse from 1 to 9 November 2019.

-       GO MAKKAH Chess Festival, Djerba from 15 to 24 February 2020.

Our Next Events:

-       The 1st International Youth Chess Championship (U12 - U20) in a mixed team: Djerba 27 June to 04 July 2020.

-       Paris Djerba Chess Open: Paris from 26 July to 03 August 2020.

-       Arabian Karpov Chess Cup: Djerba 24 Octobre - 02 Novembre 2020.

-       Karpov Chess Academy: Djerba 24 October to 02 November 2020

-       The 8th International Chess Meeting of the Francophone Countries: Djerba from 26 December 2020 to 04 January 2021

-       Djerba Chess Festival: Djerba 20 February to 01 March 2021


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The travel agency GO-MAKKAH is seeking via The 1st International Youth Chess Championship to confirm as Djerba destination and meeting point between Europe and Africa.

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France: +33 6 69 48 66 68

Tunisia: Tunis: +216 20 029 567